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Aerospace Test Rigs

Branch Hydraulic Systems recently shipped three self contained Aerospace Test Rigs.


The test rigs were supplied complete with relevent paper work, then once delivered to the US they will need little more than connecting to an electrical supply and then testing with 'gold units' to ensure compatability with the original test rigs for the components in the UK.

The test rig design followed the usual design constraints such as compact overall dimensions whilst keeping access to components easy for service purposes, and also keeping certain dimensions similar to existing rigs built around 40 years ago. This meant that as far as possible comparable performance between the new and existing test rigs was maintained.

The test rigs were constructed using Bosch Rexroth aluminium extrusion. This has the advantage of giving a neat, modern appearance combined with a light weight and sound deadening structure with the additional bonus of there being very little paint used in the test compartments that could chip and contaminate the components under test.

On completion of manufacture, extensive perfromance tests were carried out in our workshops to ensure comparable gold unit perfromance against the existing test rigs before the rigs and their documentation were compared by TUV against NFPA standards as part of the certification process for use in the US.

If you are interested in a similar project or any hydraulic power systems, do not hesitate to contact the team today on 01452 730562 or email branch@grouphes.com


Aerospace Test Rig - Tall

Aerospace Test Rig - Small

Aerospace Test Rig - Long