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Hydraulic Ring Main Systems

Below is a case study for a hydraulic ring main system that Branch Hydraulic Systems designed and built for a client. 

The unit shown is part of a 400 lpm, 350 bar hydraulic ring main system which Branch Hydraulic Systems was recently contracted to supply. The scope of supply not only included the hydraulic power unit, but also the supply of the electrical control panels (including variable speed drives) and the ring main pipework. All the equipment was delivered to site, and working with the building contractor was installed and commissioned in time for the building hand over to the customer.

hydraulic ring main system

The picture was taken during the commissioning process, where the digitally controlled Moog RKP-D pumps were being set up in this room, along with variable speed drives in the main control panels located in the adjacent electrical room. This combination of digital pump and VSD were used to give energy savings as the ring main demand changed over time.

The hydraulic power unit had to be installed in a very short window after the pump room was made available and the building was available to hand over to the end customer, to enable this to happen, the unit was fully modelled on Inventor, so that the large welded pipework connecting the various modules could be 90% complete before the first item was even delivered to site speeding the mechanical installation. To enable the electrical installation to be achieved in a timely fashion, M12 distribution I/O modules were used, along with premoulded cabling to allow quick, easy and reliable connections to be made to the hydraulic control items. The I/O modules, in turn, were connected back to the Siemens S7 PLC with the minimum of wiring consisting of just 24VDC power and a Profinet connection.

If you are looking for a hydraulic ring main system yourself or another hydraulic power unit project please call the team on 01452 730 562 or email enquiries@grouphes.com