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Hydraulic Designing

With an experienced and dedicated team of top-class engineers, Branch Hydraulic Systems are experts in the design and manufacture of complex hydraulic circuits, integrated circuit manifold assemblies and hydraulic power units with electrical control, including ATEX certified.

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Our specialist hydraulic power design team uses the latest, advanced CAD technology through Autodesk Design Suite for high-spec design and fully rendered 3D solid modelling. With the recent advancement in the design system, the workshop floor is now using tablets to greatly increase productivity during builds.


Bi-directional integration allows our designers to work with data formats issued from the majority of other design systems. The design team supplies customer drawings in industry standard .dwg .dxf .step and 3D.pdf file formats for easy review and collaboration.


Branch Hydraulic Systems have a strong reputation for advanced hydraulic engineering design of closed loop, proportional control systems and servo control valves in technologically challenging applications. From sinusoidal pressure control between 0 and 700 bar, to closed loop industrial braking controls, four wheel steering systems and multi-cylinder synchronous applications.


Our hydraulic power unit design team is experienced in designing numerous high pressure systems running at 420 bar and pressure test systems running at over 1000 bar, for aerospace and proof pressure test rigs, including the use of exotic working fluids, such as Skydrol.


The hydraulic power design department specialises in the design of integrated control and data acquisition systems allowing remote management and monitoring, including the design of safety critical systems focusing on reliability and safety, allowing for system redundancy and “mean time to dangerous failure”(MTTFd) with diagnostic coverage, to evaluate “performance levels” (PL) of safety circuits.


All our designs adhere to the relevant BS, EN and ISO standards, with all quality processes and procedures to ISO 9001 specification.


For more information or to start you hydraulic power unit project, call our expert team today on 01452 730 562 or email enquiries@grouphes.com