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Manufacturing Hydraulic Power Units

Branch Hydraulic Systems build critical and complex hydraulic power units, as bespoke, prototype or in volume and have built hydraulic power packs up to 2MW.

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With a specialised workshop area of over 5000 sq. ft, at Branch Hydraulic Systems we have the ideal facility for machining, welding, fabrication, hydraulic power unit assembly, hydraulic testing and hydraulic repairs.


In order to offer such capabilities, Branch Hydraulic Systems have a large number of plant and production facilities that make this possible. NC hydraulic pipe benders are used for precise and compact bend radius and repeatable pipe bending, as well as an EMB FS machine for cold forming pipework, which is fully compatible with standard DIN2391.


In order to build hydraulic power packs efficiently, there is on-site Kanban stockholding of fittings, tubes and fixings, as well as several swaging machines to manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies to BFPA standards.


Branch Hydraulic Systems have built hydraulic power units for many different applications and industries, including heavy engineering, marine, mining, paper mills, off-highway and the aerospace industry. Through working extensively within the aerospace industry, Branch Hydraulic Systems are experts in working with industry specific fluids such as Skydrol (500B4, LD4) and Hyjet IV as well as high viscosity lubrication fluids, biodegradable oils, water glycol (HFC) and oil in water emulsions (HFA) as required for offshore installations.


For more information and to start your hydraulic power unit project, contact the team today on 01452 730 562 or enquiries@grouphes.com